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It is time to nominate a special dad for the 2012 PAPÁS Fatherhood of the Year Award. Anyone can nominate a favorite papa -- moms, kids, wives, family members, colleagues, friends. According to Deutron Kebebew, Project Director for PAPÁS, the sponsoring agency, "applications" are now available on line at www.papasSFI.org, or they may be picked up at the PAPÁS offices, La Manzana Courtyard, 18 W. Lake Avenue, Suite L, Watsonville.
The deadline for receiving nominations is June 8th. As Kebebew explained it, "PAPÁS is an agency working to strengthen families through father involvement."

"We are looking for the dad or papa who goes above and beyond his duties as both a community member and a dad to assure that he and his family stay connected in the midst of work and family stresses," explained Kebebew. "We will welcome nominations for dads of all ages throughout Santa Cruz County." The awardees and their families will be recognized at Papas 6th annual Father's Day celebration, Sunday, June 17th, 2012 in Watsonville California by PAPÁS, Supporting Father Involvement, and other special guests and sponsors. Watch the website for additional details on the Father's Day event, www.papasSFI.org. The deadline for receiving nominations back in the offices is June 5th.

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    1. Name: Bill Monning

    2. Occupation: California State Assembly member

    3. How many children do you have or you are father-figure for? 2 daughters

    4. What does fatherhood mean to you? Fatherhood represents one of life's greatest joys and one of life's most humbling responsibilities. I feel incredibly fortunate to have 2, healthy, adult daughters with whom I enjoy a very close and mutually supportive relationship.

    5. What is the best part of being a father or father figure? The joy of watching a child grow from infancy and dependence to adulthood and independence.

    6. What is the challenging part of being a father or father figure? Realizing that a father or father figure is a role model 24/7 - all the time. As human beings we manifest our frailties and it is important that children see how we deal with disappointment, challenges, loss, and life as well as how we display love, joy, and the fulfillment in giving to others.

    7. What advice do you have for fathers or father figures in our community? Realize that you have not only a tremendous responsibility, but also a gift to teach and learn from your children. By being mindful of presenting a strong role model, children can help us to become better individuals and better members of our communities.

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